Endeavour - Ambition

Sailing in the Wake of James Cook's Ship Endeavour


Autho - John Paul

John Paul

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With no previous sailing experience except RYA Comp Crew/Day Skipper Certificate and a five day practical course on the Clyde John Paul took his family on the trip of a lifetime to the Red Sea.

If you are a sailor or aspire to sail beyond local waters these books will help to both inspire you to adventure and to warn and prepare you for the true nature of the oceans, the power of the sea and the ability of a yacht, it's skipper and crew, to survive the worst conditions with fortitude and experience great joy and tranquility in the times when the mood the sea is in harmony with the pleasure and excitement of good sailing conditions.

There is no better way to see the world, no better way to travel entirely responsible for your own progress and survival,  avoiding airports, long haul flights and exposure to the modern dangers of terrorism and madness.  Sailing may be slow progress in comparison to flight but under sail, progress is free and the self contained facilities of a yacht provide all that is needed for months on end and skipper and crew have access to all the oceans and waterways of the world. 

There are no lawns to cut, no cars to wash, even the dread of bad news in newspapers and on TV is utterly avoidable at sea and there is nothing more satisfying than entering a new port, perhaps on a new continent, literally under your own 'steam' where the sights and sounds are new and often, unlike the dreadful conditions in airport arrivals, to enter dock, harbour or marina puts you directly in touch with other yacht crews who share your interests and you have no need to suffer a long journey home. You are already at home aboard your yacht, which in foreign ports is actually a part of your home country.

These books are a record of the two voyages which became possible because of the existence of the Royal Yachting Association and the courses offered, in my case by the York Cruiser Training Centre.  They extended to 48,000 nm but with the addition of much sailing to provide practical courses as a Yachtmaster Instructor,  this distance was almost doubled before I retired.  Now I have written the books entitled 'A Yorkshire Family Afloat' (A voyage from Scarborough to the Red Sea and back, 1980) and 'Sailing in the wake of Captain Cook's ship Endeavour' (A circumnavigation in a self build steel cutter,  following the voyage of the Endeavour (1768-1771) via Cape Horn, Cape York and Cape of Good Hope, 1987-1990).

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